ten thousand stones

here + there.

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1. tibetan monks disassembling a sand mandala. a lesson in  impermanence.
(learn more here.)

2. celebrating  the very happy engagement of two of our closest friends.

3. fall colors in the austin botonical gardens.

4. devoured a lot of fruit salads lately.

5. hittin the gym + reppin my fave color.

6. vegan lux salad from bouldin creek.

7. baby’s first outing: start of texas tattoo art revival.

8. view from a sunday picnic.

9. the christening of a wine glass.

10. so happy together.

11. our culture is truly terrifying.

12. new backpack!


pinterest project: clean headlights with toothpaste.


for less than thirty minutes of work and the cost of one bottle of toothpaste,

i’m pretty pleased.

pinterest project: chalkboard lids on mason jars.

IMG_0486 IMG_0482

i’m so happy with how they turned out!

now, just have to remove all those pesky labels.

here + there.












1. birkenstocks + lilypads at the farmer’s market.

2. fairytale pumpkins are ready for fall.

3. doodles during orientation at a new job.

4. drunk monopoly.

5. i’ve become an obsessive salad eater (#ieatsaladseveryday).

6. a sleepy start to a birthday celebration.

7. a skydiving adventure.

8. i got to wear a sombrero at work.

9. appreciating some beautiful sunsets lately.

10. green tea fiend.

11. this is my thursday.

i feel like i’m taking crazy pills.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
-Albert Einstein (attributed)

Luckily, the remedy is simple: spend some time in nature, watch the sunset, eat soup and watch a funny movie or take a late night motorcycle ride. Undecided on that last one, but I’m anxious to cure this bout of derangement.

Wish me luck.


my usual two days of consist of sunday/tuesday, sunday is a rest + spend time with drew day, while tuesday is a get things done day. however, this week, my days off provided me with a fantastic combination of sunday/monday off. which blissfully coincides with drew’s days off. it could have been a long, indulgent, succulent weekend spent with my love, but there was a long list of things to get done. when i started making a mental list, it was a bit overwhelming. so i took pen to paper and the list grew and grew. one thing that i’ve been putting off for too long led to another. finally, after a quick trip to a hardware store (drew is working on a pretty awesome project and i needed some command strips), i dove in head first to my list.

ever make a to-do list, and as you are crossing things off, you add more? this happened to me several times. and as much as i love crossing things off lists, it just motivated me. i even completed some tasks, only to put them on the list and then immediately cross them off. so, there’s my quirk for the day. my apologies for the terrible iphone-tography.

in the midst of all this productivity, i find it important to make some time to relax. hence, my last post about sunday indulgences and that very important task at the top of my list, “drink wine”. balance, dear friends, balance.



sunday indulgences.

a glass of wine and old episodes of gossip girl.


it’s been a good sunday.


what are some of your favorite indulgences?

thankful for…

fresh juices

the harry potter soundtrack



a much-needed reality check

here + there.

1.  it’s grilling season! lots of veggies have been put on the grill lately. and it is tastytown! in my mouth.

2. official invite to my brother’s wedding at the outer banks. we are inside the 100 day mark, folks.

3. sunday morning pancakes. it’s a thing. get on board.

4. freshly cut watermelon. what else do you need?

5. homemade berry and mint infused saki.

6, homemade pickles. with sriracha and fresh dill. i’ll let you know how they turn out 🙂

7. visisted the whole foods flagship store in downtown austin. it was incredible.
i walked around the store, slack jawed and wide eyed like an idiot.  seriously, it was almost unfathomable how much food there was.

8. had to snag this vegan cookie while at whole foods.
when we got home, i warmed it up and served it alongside some coconut ice cream. foodgasms.

9. my favorite plate ❤

10. spent some time relaxing by the pool with some friends before the temps spiked up to 100+. hello, summer.

cleanse: day seven.

-leftover grilled veggies on a bed of spinach
-thai vegetable curry on a bed of rice (extra spicy please)

– green tea
-black tea

-insane allergic reaction
-ending the cleanse one meal early (it was a rough day)
-ton of sleep
-nice, albeit painful, cleansing of my sinuses

-in balance with my body + digestive system
-confused as to why i don’t eat this way all the time
-ready to continue