by b

i was driving over to my grandma’s house and i saw a 40-something business man in a suit getting onto his shiny, new, oversized, bmw motorcycle. hello, midlife crisis!

i read my friend mya‘s blog and she is doing this thing called “101 in 1001“. the goal is to make a list of 101 things that you want to accomplish in 1001 days, or just shy of 3 years. seriously considering doing it, though i feel like i might need a motivation buddy.

i ran out of conditoner today, and am almost out of shampoo, which makes it a perfect time to join sophie on her no-poo quest.

i am constantly confused as to why pandora will play amazing songs by eisley and rachael yamagata, then turn around and play country music like sara evans and shania twain. how is that at all the same?

i took a quiz and found out that i belong in the 1930s. also, in a horror movie, i would die first.

it is a beautiful day!