101 in 1001

I know I have been absent lately, but I have been preparing myself for the challenge that I am about to undertake. It is called “101 in 1001”, and essentially, you make a list of things you’d like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. They must be things that are completely in your control, and completely viable. Read more here.

Just for consistency’s sake, I am dividing 1001 days in (roughly) 3 years, 131 weeks, 33 months and each monthly goal, I am calling it 30 days. I’ll need lots of help and accountability with these things, so if you’d like to participate in any of this items with me, please let me know and let’s do them together! Italics are for entries in progress, and if an item has been crossed off it has been completed (with a link to the post with completion details!).

Without further ado, here is my 101 in 1001!

[Start Date: 1 November 2009…………………………………End Date: 28 July 2012]

1. Make amends with Michael
2. Write Don twice/month thru March, once in April (0/11 letters)
3. Do something special for Kristine & Aaron’s wedding
4. Knit presents for five of my friends (0/5 friends) – after completing goal #46, of course!
5. Write to Lydia once a month (1/33 months)
6. Finish Kenya scrapbook with K
7. Start Lydia’s scrapbook and keep it current
8. Initiate Monday Margarita Night with Sophie
9. Help friends meet their goals
10. Visit Rose and Anna while they are abroad
11. Make homemade birthday cards (0/10 cards)

12. Organic fruits/vegetables only
13. No fast food
14. No soda for a year (4/131 weeks)
15. Drop below 130 pounds
16. Maintain weight
17. Start my own veggie and herb garden
18. Eat vegetarian for a month
19. Bake my own bread
20. Go to the Farmer’s Market once a year (0/3 years)

21. Do yoga twice/month (0/2 times for 0/33 months)
22. Wake up at 5am every morning for two weeks to do yoga (0/7 days for 0/2 weeks)
23. Go hiking twice a month for a year (2/2 times for 1/12 months)
24. Hike Squaw Peak all the way to the top
25. Take a kickboxing class
26. Run a 5k
27. Run a half-marathon
28. Begin training for a marathon
29. Hike up and down Grand Canyon

Helping Others:
30. Volunteer at least once a month (1/33 months)
31. Volunteer at ten different organizations (1/10 organizations)
32. Keep granola bars & water bottles in my car for the homeless
33. Compliment at least one stranger every day (14/1001 days)
34. Leave anonymous notes of encouragement (0/25)
35. Become a Big Sister
36. Keep sharpies and post-its on me to participate in operationbeautiful.com
37. On day 1000, cash out spare change from goal #78 and donate that to charity.
38. Donate blood twice a year (0/2 times for 0/3 years)
39. Volunteer in the 2012 Presidential election

Personal Development:
40. Graduate from college
41. Take French classes again
42. Speak French fluently
43. Take a salsa dancing class
44. Take a cooking class
45. Take at least one month of piano lessons
46. Learn to knit
47. Knit a sweater like this one
48. Get CPR certified
49. Take a belly dancing class
50. Paint once a month for a year (0/12 months)
51. Write a chapter for my book once a month (1/33 months)
52. Read one book a month (1/33 months)
53. Become a wine snob
54. Meet with three birthmothers (0/3 women)
55. Write down 50 things I like about myself (0/50)
56. Write down 5 things that I’d like to change about myself…and change them! (0/5)
57. Get a French pen pal and maintain for a year
58. Choose to do the right thing (assuming the opportunity presents itself)

Helping the Economy:
59. Buy a mini-laptop
60. Buy a camera
61. Get a new ipod
62. Get an ipod hookup for my car
63. Whiten teeth
64. Buy something from Etsy once a month (1/33 months)
65. Buy some sexy boots
66. Buy good speakers for my computer
67. Buy a pair of TOMs
68. Buy a pair of ssekos

69. Renew my passport
70. Visit the Northwest
71. Go to Greece
72. Visit Brad and Selene in NYC
73. Visit Brock and Erin in Cinnci

Money Management:
74. Deposit $5 in savings for every goal completed (3/1001)
75. Create a budget and stick with it
76. Check my account for spending twice a week (2/2 times for 4/131 weeks)
77. Save $100 per month (1/33 months)
78. Pay off credit card

79. Save all coins in a special box (see goal #37)

Lifestyle Changes:
80. Not color my hair
81. Wash hair using the “No-Poo” system for a month (4/4 weeks)
82. Shop at thrift stores before going retail (for clothes, shoes, bags, etc…and Buffalo counts! Last Chance, Nordstrom Rack, Off Saks, Ross, etc…do not!)
83. No manicures or pedicures at my expense
84. Buy some furniture at a flea market

Creating Good Habits:
(each one of these goals will be done for three consecutive months in an attempt to create good habits)
85. Clean and moisturize skin twice a day (0/30 days for 0/3 months)
86. Floss every night (0/30 days for 0/3 months)
87. Straighten up room every night (0/30 days for 0/3 months)
88. clean and wash my car once a week (0/12 weeks)

89. See Dave Matthews Band Live
90. Go to 5 concerts…not including DMB (0/5)
91. Go to the ballet (preferably with Sophie!)
92. Attend the midnight showing of Harry Potter 7 Part 1
93. Do a month of “One Picture Only” blogging, after completing goal #60
94. Blog twice a week (4/131 weeks)
95. Watch 25 movies from IMDB’s Top 250 list (0/25 movies)
96. Organize my iTunes library

97. Update list once a week (4/131 weeks)
98. Get my tree tattoo
99. Get conch pierced
100. Mix my own 6 pack at Plaza 
101. Leave Starbucks