progress report, week one.

by b

[check out the whole list here!]

goal #13, no fast food:
this week, i have had a sick craving for a sausage breakfast sandwich. nevermind the fact that i don’t eat pork products and haven’t for some time, really. i even went into the mcdonald’s (MCDONALD’S!!!) drive thru on saturday morning before i had to open at work to get one. luckily, they don’t start serving breakfast until 4am, and since that was the time i had to be at work, no sausage biscuit for me! other than that, avoiding fast food has been pretty easy for me.

goal #14, no soda for a year:
easy peasy. done and done. 1/131.

goal #33, compliment at least one stranger every day:
working at starbucks makes this goal a lot easier. i’ve complimented (mostly women) on their hair, eye color, clothes, etc all week and it is lovely to see their faces light up. 7/1001.

goal #52, read one book a month.
already done for november, thanks to kelsi. we are reading janet evanovich’s stephanie plum series, and i just finished the fourth book in the series, four to score. it was a quick, easy read and absolutely hilarious. rex the hamster is awesome. 1/33

goal #65, buy some sexy boots:
oh, yeah, baby.

goal #74, deposit $5 in savings for every goal completed:
that’s $5 this week for the boots! woohoo! 1/101.

goal#76, check account for spending twice a week:
it was frightening, but i did it. booooo. definitely spent less than week than i would have otherwise. ugh. 2/2 times for 1/131 weeks.

goal #81, wash hair using the no-poo system for a month:
got back into it this week and i LOVE it! my hair is so much softer and shinier now. i just need to find a really good deep conditioner for it. i’ve hear avocados, mayonnaise and egg yolks are all good for dry hair, but i do need to research it a bit more to find a good recipe.  1/4 weeks.

goal #82, shop at thift stores before going retail:
had an itch for some new sweaters so i cleaned out my closet, took a bunch of clothes to buffalo exchange and got some cute new sweaters! a banana republic sweater, two cardigans, a knit cream colored shirt, a flowy, printed floral shirt and a vintage cream colored heart necklace for less than $50! yay me!

goal #94, blog twice a week:
well…this is my first post this week…luckily for me, my week starts on monday and ends on sunday, so i can still post one more today! however, twice in one day is not what i had in mind. oh well. done and done. 1/131.

goal #97, update list once a week:
that’s what this post is for! 1/131.