progress report, week two.

by b

[check out the whole list here!]

goal #2, write don twice/month thru march, once in april:
i’m writing don a letter right now. i don’t feel like there’s a whole lot to update him on, but at least he’ll know i love him (1/11 letters)

goal #5, write to lydia once a month:
lydia is right after i finish my letter to don. she’s been at the forefront of my mind all week. she turned six months on the 11th. amazing. how does time pass??? (1/33 months)

goal #13, no fast food:
still doing well on this one. yay!

goal #14, no soda for a year:
easy peasy. done and done. (2/131)

goal #17, start my own veggie and herb garden:
my mom and i bought a basil plant today!!

goal #33, compliment at least one stranger every day:
working at starbucks makes this goal a lot easier. this week i complimented a few men, and got some nice tips. one guy tipped me six bucks after i complimented his t-rag belt buckle. holler.  (14/1001.)

goal #36, keep sharpies and post-its on me to participate in
left two notes today while we were out shopping. it made me smile just doing it.

goal #64, buy something from etsy once a month:
not completed yet, but thinking about this piece. i need it to sit with me for just a little bit longer. what do you think? (0/33 months)

goal#76, check account for spending twice a week:
i didn’t even use my card at all until yesterday, but i did check my account when i got home. i also just got done shopping with my mom and am glancing over those purchases now. my dad sprung it on me this week that i’ll also be paying for my gas now. i can’t really complain though, it is about time! i’m so spoiled. i’m hoping that my tips will be able to cover all my gas expenses.  (2/2 times for 2/131 weeks)

goal #77, save $100 per month:
just transferred $100 over into savings. go me! (1/33 months)

goal, #78, pay off credit card:
just paid off another $100. rawr rawr rawr. why did i get a credit card in the first place?

goal #81, wash hair using the no-poo system for a month:
my hair is really oily still. i was under the impression that the baking soda would dry it out some. still washing my hair with no-poo every other day. this is what i did with regular shampoo 😦 oh well, i am still enjoying it and i actually really like the gritty feeling. is that weird? (2/4 weeks)

goal #82, shop at thift stores before going retail:
well, i needed new work shoes, and i didn’t want to spend a lot of time trying to find them. i don’t even know if a second hand store would carry the kind opf work shoes i need. i’d have to be soooo lucky. so i went to target and i spent$30 on work shoes. that were comfortable in the store and once i got home, i put them on, walked to the front door, took them off and went straight back to my room to put my old ones one. goodbye shoes, hello return!

goal #94, blog twice a week:
i blogged a lot this week. more with pictures than with words. but such beautiful, beautiful pictures 🙂 (2/131)

goal #97, update list once a week:
that’s what this post is for! (2/131)