progress report, week three

by b

not very productive this week… 😦

[check out the whole list here!]

goal #13, no fast food:
still doing well on this one. yay!

goal #14, no soda for a year:
easy peasy. done and done. (3/131)

goal #23, go hiking twice a month for a year:
drew and i took on north mountain this weekend and it was amazing. so beautiful. we took the main trail up but then came down the back way, which was much more rough and natural. the weather was absolutely gorgeous. (1/2 times for 1/12 months)

goal #33, compliment at least one stranger every day:
working at starbucks makes this goal a lot easier.  (21/1001)

goal #64, buy something from etsy once a month:
bought this piece today.  love it. can’t wait for it to come in! (1/33 months)

goal#76, check account for spending twice a week:
it wasn’t a great week for me spending wise. i did do pretty well though! and i returned that pair of shoes i got from target last week, so that was exciting!  (2/2 times for 3/131 weeks)

goal #81, wash hair using the no-poo system for a month:
hair FINALLY dried out. i didn’t wash it at all this week! pretty disgusting, but i love it. will wash it today, promise. yayayayayay! i think that i shall keep it up!  (3/4 weeks)

goal #94, blog twice a week:
i did it. awesome. (2/2 times for 3/131 weeks)

goal #95, watch 25 movies from IMDB’s Top 250 list:
posted about the movies i want to see. have yet to watch any of them. baby steps, baby steps! (0/25 movies)

goal #97, update list once a week:
that’s what this post is for! (3/131)