progress report, week four

by b

sorry for the late post…this was an awfully busy week, and it’s also the end of the first month! hooray!!!

[check out the whole, updated-with-weeekly-progress list here!]

goal #2, write don twice/month thru march, once in april:
okay, i am a terrible person and said in a previous post that i was going to write don a letter as soon as i was done updating that day. well, i didn’t. and now it’s the last day of the month and i haven’t written him A SINGLE LETTER. ughhhh is updating this really more important than writing my friend? i cannot believe myself sometimes. i will make them up, but that’s not the point of the goal. i am so disappointed. (0/11 letters)

goal #13, no fast food:
still doing well on this one. yay!

goal #14, no soda for a year:
easy peasy. done and done. (4/131 weeks)

goal #23, go hiking twice a month for a year:
sophie and i made plans to go on saturday, but it didn’t work out. then we made plans to go today, but it didn’t work out. but, we are going tomorrow and i am counting it as this month! especially since i didn’t go hiking this month until like the 20th!  (2/2 times for 1/12 months)

goal #30, volunteer at least once a month:
today, i started my volunteer position at hope and a future. so excited for the upcoming christmas party! (1/33 months)

goal #31, volunteer at ten different organizations:
number one – hope and a future
(1/10 organizations)

goal #33, compliment at least one stranger every day:
working at starbucks makes this goal a lot easier.  this week was also easier becuase of all the family needs encouragement too. by the way, this goal has becoming increasingly second nature to me. i don’t even have to conciously think of complimenting someone anymore. i was just at the store today and i started talking to this guy in line about his shirt and how i liked the colors in it. the design was hideous, but gorgeous colors. focus on the positive 🙂 (28/1001)

goal #51, write a chapter for my book once a month:
well, it’s not quite an entire chapter, but they are my thoughts on adoption, emotions, birthing, children, love and separation this month. sometimes, you just can’t get a whole chapter out. especially because i tried to do it this week and it just wasn’t working. this was a bad week. too emotional. (1/33 months)

goal #60, buy a camera:
did it this week! thank you black friday sales! another goal completed! $5 in savings!!

goal#76, check account for spending twice a week:
still doing well. bought the camera this week which set me back some moola and also made some purchases at as you wish, ross (for housewares, not clothes!) and quiktrip for gas. (2/2 times for 4/131 weeks)

goal #81, wash hair using the no-poo system for a month:
okay, washed hair on friday. oilt today and yesterday. i thought we were over this! oh well, i am going to keep trying even though this month is over. i do like this system for the most part and i am saving SO. MUCH. MONEY.  also, goal completed! $5 in savings!!!!  (4/4 weeks)

goal #94, blog twice a week:
not so much this week. will blog extra next week. get excited!!! (0/2 times for 4/131 weeks)

goal #97, update list once a week:
that’s what this post is for! (4/131)