living cuisine and other things

by b

i have been following gina the fitnessista, and [more recently] caitlin at HTP for a while now. i’ve really wanted to get into running [101 in 1001, anybody?] but of course, i’ve made excuse after excuse. and been lazy. but these women are truly inspiring. i’ve been enthralled with the raw diet that’s been gaining popularity recently, and am leaning toward vegetarian choices more often than not. as gina states in her tips for getting started post, it’s best to make small changes, set mini-goals and focus on balance. i’ve found myself overwhelmed with taking on too many projects at once, and then dealing with dejection of failure.

so, i’ve been slowly incorporating raw cuisine into my diet, which is now at about 50% of my daily nutrition. i can honestly say that i feel better, i have more energy and my skin looks better than it ever has. another tip i got somewhere [wish i could remember where…] is to always eat a salad FIRST, before your main meal of the day.  this has been extremely helpful to me; i find myself craving more fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to cooked meats. and cooked veggies now? ugh, don’t even get me started. they don’t even look appetizing and honestly, have almost zero taste comparatively.

other tips on going raw?here.
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my favorite line about choosing living cuisine:

“you’ve heard it before: ‘you are what you eat’.
iving cuisine is active, beautiful, and fresh, so you can be too.”

it just makes me smile. [source]

excited much???

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