they locked the devil in the basement, threw god up into the air.

by b

i’m trying to find a place where i can be
living at home has so many advantages
and i am incredibly grateful for all the selfless things
my parents have done for me,
and will continue to do for me.

but i just don’t think i belong here.
and i don’t think i ever have.
not in this house.
not in this city.
not at this job.
maybe not even in this country.
and definitely not in this state of mind.

and i know how cheesy this is, but when i’m standing next to my lover
and he’s got his arm wrapped around me
and my head finds its perfect little nook under his chin…
*sigh* that’s where i feel i belong.
so baby, i’m holding on tight because i know we’re going places.

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EDIT: sometimes, i just have to laugh at myself.
when did i become THAT girl?