some funky smelling mushrooms

by b

on saturday, i worked early morning – the ol’ 430am to 1pm shift.

then helped drew move…which was AWESOME in the rain…

and even better because his new house is two stories, and his room is, of course,

on the second floor.

needless to say, i passed out early saturday night from complete exhaustion.

i woke up early yesterday (well…early for a sunday…)

and started the day off with a kale, banana, strawberry and protein powder smoothie. NOMS.

lonchi was  some veggie fajitas, heaping mounds fresh guacamole, with my parents and my grandma

headed over to drew’s house where we promptly jumped on the bonnie:

and headed over to luci’s:

where we made gluttons of ourselves and i worked on preparing myself for an upcoming interview.

spent the rest of the afternoon with drew, just hanging out, riding a lot and ended the evening with this beautiful boy:

don’t tell anyone, but i think the boyf liked it more than i did 😉

then i went home, slept well and woke up early this morning for…


in this GORGEOUS unbelievable weather we’ve been having.

now i’m munching on some millet with earth balance (yummmmmm!) and an egg white scramble

with feta, spinach, red onions and some funky smelling mushrooms…

don’t know if that was the best decision i’ve ever made.

see ya later bloggys!!!

open forum:

what did you do this weekend??