diy: necklace hanger

by b

ever since i ran across this photo,
i’ve been inspired to create a beautiful and fully functional necklace display!


since i am currently renting and don’t want to spackle up
a million thumbtack holes upon moving out,
i had this image in my mind that included old wood, rusty nails
and something magical.




step one: obtain wine crate.
we went to our local wine superstore
(oh yes, we have wine superstores!)
and picked one up for $5.

mine was lucky enough to come with some broken slats,
so i didn’t need to do that myself. win!



step two: grab a hammer and start nailing away!

i took the more “organic, free form” approach
and just nailed wherever i felt like it.

for a more organized look, feel free to plan ahead!




step three: enlist your lover’s help after you hit your thumb too many times.

his expression reads: why am i not surprised?



step four: tie a pretty piece of fabric to two nails.
(this is how the holder will hang on the wall,
so choose two nails near the top and center.)

tie it tight!!!


step five: untangle your disaster of necklaces.

all of them were hanging oh-so-conveniently on that clothes hanger.



step six: hang it up!

rock it out!




look at you, you crafty mistress!
now you have a beautiful piece that many will admire
and you’ll be able to say, “yeah, i made that!”