sprouts & tomato hearts

by b

last night when Drew got home from work,
we both decided we needed something to eat.
in an attempt to not go out and spend money
(especially on greasy food from 5 & diner),
we made these simple but DELICIOUS sandwiches:

-2 slices sprouted grain bread, toasted lightly
-dijon mustard
-slice of Veggie Shreds, in the pepper jack flavor
-roma tomatoes, which Drew cut into the shape of hearts (cheezball alert!)

wholesome, vegan vegetarian, fresh and full of love.
what more could you ask for?
go make this sandwich now!
your body and your mouth will thank you.

UPDATE: Uh, turns out I didn’t read the ingredient list too well because
the Veggie Shreds contain casein, a milk protein. Bleh.

open forum: what have you done to express your love for someone lately?