grand canyon trip

by b

i know it’s been quiet around here the last week or so.
i took a trip up to the grand canyon
with two of my friends, rose and jamie.
jamie was visiting from england!
it was pretty magical.

[click for bigger images]

jamie and rose at a kitschy cafe on route 66

jamie's first view of the grand canyon

couldn't pass by this. so sweet!

hiking down the bright angel trail

pretty flowers on the trail

a furry friend with full cheeks!

sunset over the canyon

incredible beauty.


a quick stop in sedona on our way back

we found an england truck for jamie!

open forum: have you ever been to the grand canyon?
what was your experience? your favorite part?

i’ve been several times, but this was
the first time i felt like i really appreciated it.
my favorite part (besides the company!)
was sitting out on a ledge (which made rose very nervous)
and meditating for just a bit while overlooking
this vast, incredible, unfathomable work of beauty.
it was amazing.