date night: indian feast for two

by b

chana masala, bear style

To say that Drew and I love Indian food is a gross understatement. We had some fierce cravings the other night and after some scouring a few of my favorite vegan cooking blogs, we decided on using Angela‘s recipe for Chana Masala.  Drew is the master of  “cooking by feel”, so he very loosely followed the recipe, adding massive amounts of ketchup, various spices (as we didn’t have the recommended Madras Masala on hand) and tons of onions. We love onions. And ketchup. And we like our dishes SPICY. So even though Angela warned that this dish is “hot, hot, hot”, we kept adding more and more cayenne, cumin, turmeric, etc.  I really wish I would have bought some fresh chilies, but there’s always next time.
This recipe is SUPER simple to make, only about 30 minutes including prep time. I was in charge of the rice making, which is easy-peasy thanks to my roommie’s Miracle Rice Cooker (get one now! it will change your rice cooking life!) That baby cooked our jasmine rice in about 35 minutes. We layered everything into our little bowls, sprinkled some cilantro and (more!) cayenne pepper on top and finally dug in.

already empty

I also cracked open what is quite possibly my new favorite wine. Nuevo Mundo, an organic grape wine from Chile. It’s a Cabernet Sauvignon/Malbec blend and is extra tasty. Bonus: the company also practices many sustainable behaviors in all aspects of their business;  in the vineyards, in the product itself, marketing and transport. We demolished that bottle. For my local Phoenicians, pick this up at Luci’s for $20.

his & hers desserts

After our bellies were full, we packed up the leftovers (this recipe makes a lot!), cleaned up the kitchen, talked about being wine farmers in Chile and settled in for the newest episode of Glee. I pulled together these delicious little desserts in no time.  SO Delicious Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Vanilla Bean for him, Chocolate for me) layered with strawberries. I also threw some carob chips on top of mine for extra cocoa-y deliciousness.

check out those carob chips!

I went back for seconds 🙂 Coconut ice cream can be found at most major grocery stores.  Luci’s has it (if you’re there buying the wine), and but I got these at Fresh N Easy.

little containers of heaven

And that was a fabulous vegan feast for two in less than an hour! It was totally filling and even though we ate more than we needed, neither one of us felt that nasty, debilitating, overly full and “now I’m going to unbutton my jeans” feeling. I call that a success!

Let me know if you try it out sometime 🙂

all my love, b