fancy medical term of the day!

by b

i spy a metal plate sticking out of my arm.

Yesterday in physical therapy, they stretched my arm so much I was almost crying and it was embarrassing.

Also I have no muscle left in my arm at all. That was also embarrassing.

Today they were nice to me though.

But my flexion (bending the elbow up to touch the shoulder) is at 135 degrees. The goal is 150 degrees. And my extension is at 30 degrees, the goal being 0 degrees (completely straight).

So I guess that’s progress!

I’m finally returning to work on Friday and I’m feeling all sorts of emotions.

Mostly “Why didn’t I get a new job during these past 11 weeks?”

(For those of you catching up, I sustained a Monteggia fracture in February while dancing in bathroom. Although I was told I fractured the radial head with a complete elbow dislocation, not my ulna, but I figure the doctors know more than Wikipedia or I. Also, that’s not what I remember my x-ray looking like at all. But then again, I was also on Vicodin.)