four for five.

by b

not a bad track record, really.

i’ve seen four out of my five very best friends this week.

  • on wednesday, rose and diana came up from tucson. we went to the science museum for the body worlds exhibit, drank by the pool, cooked a delicious meal together and fell asleep within the first ten minutes of Despicable Me.

    old school pic!

  • then, on thursday night (after spending more time with d and rose before they headed back to t-town), i went over to sophie’s house to hand her hangers while she folded laundry and we got to just chat for a bit. that was SO nice.

    hot mama!

  • friday night, i was exhausted. swimming sounded amazing; being alone, not so much. a quick text to anna and we realized a shared desire for a chill, low key night after a long week. recovery completed!

    a "brittanna" classic

  •  after realizing that i was 4-for-5 this week, i wanted to go for a perfect record! and i made plans to have coffee today, but life got in the way, our busy schedules conflicted again and i am still missing  my beloved k+b time. 😦


thank you to all my wonderful friends, not only the four i got to spend extra time with this week, but to all of you who support and love me (even from afar).
all my love goes back to you.
xx, b

ps- don’t i have amazingly attractive friends?!