(foodie) diy: trail mix

by b

(also known as…”a recipe”? hmmm….)

ANYWAYS, i got this fabulous idea for “do-it-yourself-trail-mix” from my roommate. it’s super simple, loads less expensive and quite fun.

mixed up!

first, i scour my pantry to find anything that might work. this week, i found sunflower seeds and half a bag of dried blueberries (thanks for leaving those behind,  Rose!).

next, i go to sprouts, head straight for their bulk bin section and buy whatever they have on “weekly special”, plus anything else that might look good!
i knew the half eaten package of blueberries was not enough fruit for my liking, so i was ecstatic to see dried cranberries on sale. raw almonds were also a steal and i scooped up some plain granola.

almonds and cranberries

i needed to refresh my chia seed stash, so i grabbed a half pound. and to satisfy the chocolate beast, my final addition was vegan chocolate chips.

i spy a chocolate chip!

when i got back home, i gathered all my ingredients,

ready to mingle!

then i added everything to one bag, closed the bag tightly and did a little dance, maybe i held it over my head and did  a couple spins, but you do whatever you’re feeling at the moment 🙂

so much trail mix!

finally, i placed some of the trail mix into tupperware so they are ready to go!
(just so you know, this batch made a whole lot more than just these three guys)

packed up tight

whatever doesn’t make it into the tupperware is eaten straight from the bag 😉
but now, i always have a go-to snack in case of laziness, fast-food cravings or hunger pains.

body and budget friendly. i call that a success!

i was going to go for a virtual high-five but decided the thumbs up was a bit less weird

so how do YOU combat the urge to eat fast food (or crappy food) while out and about, at work, etc? and what are some of your fun money-saving tricks?
tell me, tell me!

xx, b