banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

by b

it’s saturday morning. i wake up lazily from the sunlight streaming in through my window. rolling over to grab my phone, i check the time… then my emails… then facebook… then my google reader. all from bed.

this is a rather normal occurrence. luckily, this particular daily stalking perusing of Angela’s blog led to me a super easy recipe for some delicious cookies.

just for funzies, here were some of my fresh-off-of-ten-hours-of-sleep thoughts from reading through it,
-“hey, i have all those ingredients in my kitchen”
-“i DO want a cookie for breakfast!”
-“i need a banana masher.”
-“are there even such things as banana mashers?”

and so i wandered out of bed, wondering about the existence of banana mashers. because the best method i’ve experienced so far is using my hands.   if you have a more effective method, PLEASE help a sister out.

okay, i’m done rambling.  to the recipe we go!

*because i recently learned that writing someone else’s recipe in your blog is in bad form unless you do MAJOR modifications, i have deleted said recipe, linked back to it several times and just added my minor modifications below. i’m sorry for being an impolite blogger!*

my adjustments & recommendations:

  • -i used less chocolate chips than the original recipe (1/4 cup was all i had!)
  • -i substituted almonds for walnuts (again, based on availability)
  • -i used my chia seeds instead of my roommie’s flax seeds
  • -i did a mixture of maple syrup and agave nectar (ran out of maple syrup, haha)
  • – next time, i’ll use more cinnamon

honestly, at first i didn’t like them that much. they are definitely a healthy tasting cookie. i was expecting something sweeter! but as soon as i became accustomed to the taste and knew what to expect, i couldn’t get enough! i’ve taken one to work every day since i made them. they are very oatmeal-y in texture, which i like but i know is not everyone’s cup of tea. the outsides were nice and crisp but the insides were moist (i freaking hate that word) and soft.

yes, please!