diy: flower halo

by b

When I saw this tutorial on Honestly, WTF?, I almost died of excitement. I always felt like it was possible for me to make something like that, I just had no clue how.


  • a large silk flower
  • floral tape
  • 2 pieces of floral cloth wire, 16 or 18 gauge (the smaller the number, the thicker the wire. you want pretty thick wire!)
  • green felt
  • glue gun
  • scissors
  • wire cutters

materials gathered!

Cut two circles out of your green felt, each about 2 inches in diameter (1). Don’t worry if they’re not perfect!


Next, bend each of the wires into half circles and lay the ends over each other to form a full circle (2). Place the wires on your head to get a good fit (3).



(That is The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on TV in the background, the day after it was released that Osama was killed. I am not one to make light of or celebrate death, but it was HILARIOUS.)
Back to the halo!  Cut off any extra wire and tape those ends together with your floral tape (4).


Now, onto the flower! Using your wire cutters, cut off the stem. As you can see, my flower had a really thick stem and a TON of little wires (5). And I snipped all those little guys off! The back of your flower needs to be as flat as possible (6).



Glue one of the felt circles to the back of your now-flat flower. Lay your felted flower over one of the taped parts of your halo, and sandwich that halo in between the two felt pieces using plenty of glue. As you’re doing this, turn your flower so it is perpendicular to your halo. Press and hold those felt pieces down while the glue dries (I held mine for about 30 seconds). Apparently I didn’t take any pictures of these steps, I’m so sorry! But here’s where it gets REALLY fun! I bought some brown twig looking piece (7) and cut a couple leaves off my original flower stem. I glued down the leaves and wrapped the long curly twigs around my halo (8).



Now, as you, my astute reader, may have noticed, the green tape with the brown wire is NOT CUTE. I got so excited when I saw this super natural-looking floral wire because I had this vision of making my very own Nature Girl halo. And I forgot that the tape would be visible. So here’s my lesson: make sure the tape matches the curtains wire.  I ran back to the craft store and bought the only brown tape I could find, which ended up being too dark, so I just wrapped my whole stupid halo in it. Thankfully,  it still has the natural vibe I’m digging (do people still say that?) so I’m in lurrrrve.

hipstamatic style!

back view + computer glare

And yeah, it’s freaking huge and slightly obnoxious. But you know what? So is this. And that’s why we love fascinators. While at the craft store, I decide to get normal green wire and a new flower and try again, following the directions a little more carefully. Thus, the red flower halo was born and whipped together in less than 15 minutes. But that one does require a few bobby pins to hold in place. I don’t know why I closed my eyes in all these pictures.

senorita, i feel for you

Are you ready to go make your very own flower halo yet? Ask me any questions you might have!  It’s a lot easier than I thought it would be, and once you get the hang of it, go crazy. Add vines, some  small flowers wrapping all the way around, maybe berries, an avocado, who knows?! It’s yours! OWN IT. (And show me your pictures when you’re done!!)
loves, b