vegan blueberry coconut scones

by b

Working at a coffee shop with copious amounts of baked goods is a challenge for me. Those freaking cranberry orange scones are SO. GOOD. Inevitably, on a daily basis, a scone will break and be deemed “unsellable”. It goes into a pastry bag and sits on our table in the back room alongside all of our drinks. And it stares at me, mockingly, all day long. Honestly, I usually end up throwing it away lest I shove the whole thing in my mouth.

So when I saw this recipe on my newest blog obsession, I knew someone was looking out for me. I ran my little scone-loving butt to Sprouts and picked up some coconut flour, brown rice flour and a bag of frozen organic blueberries. Being new to (vegan) baking, I had NO why the temperature of my coconut oil would affect the amount of hot water I put in or why but I worked it out, a la Tim Gunn. When mixing my dough, I just kept adding water until it looked pretty doughy and not crumbly. My vanilla extract  ran out on me, so I added a touch more agave nectar. Then I packed my 1/2 cup measuring scoop tight (I like ’em dense!) before flopping the dough onto the baking sheet. I molded those blobs into cute little scone shaped goodness and baked  them according to directions.

The result? Dense, moist (I know I hate that word too, but it really is applicable here!) and perfectly baked scones! *happpy dance* Not overpoweringly coconut-y and the perfect texture. Juicy blueberries abound, though I will probably add more next time. I sure love my blueberries. Oh, and did I mention the were gluten-free also? No upset tummies here! Thanks for sharing this recipe, Elise!

Now, to take this recipe to the next level and make some of the cranberry orange variety! Excited!

xx, b