i’m here, i’m now, i’m ready

by b

the other day, i finally signed up for a pinterest account and lost my mind pinning things for four hours. among my finds was this beaut:


what a fabulous way to start your day. even though yesterday really wasn’t that exciting of a day (getting over this-whatever-i-have-that-is-making-my-lymph-nodes-swell-to-the-size-of-golf-balls is not fun), this idea of being excited for everything brings a smile to my face. it’s an instant injection of energy.

today, however, the excitment is organic. i really am excited about everything today. a coffee date with sophie. drinking margys by the pool with my love. pedicures with k and my mom. dinner at a healthy and locally sustained restaurant.

what a great way to celebrate this day of my birth 🙂

i’ll leave you with this somewhat fitting song. i know it’s a bit of a downer, but it’s really beautiful.

amazing still it seems, i’ll be twenty-three.