23 before 24

by b

Thursday was an incredible day. Probably my favorite birthday to date. I have a full re-cap coming soon, so I’m not going to dwell I much on the actual day. But the idea of turning 23 freaked me out a little. On the one hand, 23 is an awesome age to be. And I finally feel like my physical age is catching up with my emotional age. I know I act like a goofball a lot, but at the end of the day, I feel OLD. The past few years have really taken their toll on me and sometimes, I feel 33 instead of 23 (don’t get upset here, I’m not saying 33 is old, just significantly oldER than I actually am!).

And yet, my “accomplishments” feel small. (Cue the disapproving look from Drew) I know I have done some really incredible things, but it doesn’t seem to be “enough”. I can feel myself growing and wanting to do more. I can feel that desire again, and it’s a beautiful thing.

I’m a big advocate of goal-writing. When I write things down, they tend to get done. With the right intentions, time span and focus, of course. That’s why I was so drawn to the “101 in 1001” challenge, and also why it failed miserably for me.

So here’s my next one: 23 before 24. A list of 23 things to accomplish before another year goes by and I turn 24 (oh geez!).

1. Move out of Phoenix
2. Run a 5K
3. Join a book club
4. Finish a journal
5. Take a cooking class
6. Take an art class
7. Go camping
8. Pay off medical bills
9. Weekly “thankful for…” posts
10. Take dancing lessons with Drew
11. Post operationbeautiful notes
12. Get involved in a mentoring program
13. Take more photos
14. Get a new computer
15. Dress for me
16. Implement FAM
17. Take a great vacation
18. Create a home with Drew
19. Send birthday cards
20. Renew passport
21. Get teeth whitened
22. Shop at thrift/conisgnment stores for clothing
23. Finish Kenya scrapbook with K

I’m excited.