the birthday post

by b

As promised, here is the full recap of my fabulous birthday. 


After clearing up a hilariously confusion situation, the day started out with an early coffee date at Copper Star with my friend Sophie and her two beautiful daughters. I managed to not take a single picture during my time with them because that is clearly what I do every. time. It’s ridiculous. But we enjoyed iced coffees and iced teas and the much-loved vegan apple spice muffin.

Next, Drew and I blended up some margaritas and headed out to the pool. The weather was actually pretty nice that day.

Phoenix has a tendency to get stifiling, to where being outside is out of the question. Thursday was just cool enough to spend time at the pool, but then fall asleep in the sun and dry off in minutes.

After drying off, we headed inside to do a quick outfit change, take a quick picture (so serious, Drew Bear) and head to the next activity:

PEDICURES!! Without a doubt, my favorite time to spend with my mom. My best friend Kristine also came!!! My mom usually picks a basic red, but as Kristine’s toesies were getting painted, my mom decided she wanted that color too! It was a bright coral-y pink color and it was lovely. Mine wasn’t too far off, just a little bit more orange-y. I also got a flower on my big toe, complete with rhinestones. Flashy!

When we were done, Drew came to pick me up and he brought me these beautiful flowers! I was so surprised. I love having fresh flowers around the house and these were nothing short of gorgeous. Orchids, calla lilies and those green puffy things are actually a type of carnation! Another sruprise was that K had baked me some cookies! They were amazing, maybe the best cookies I have ever had. And they were her first attempt at vegan baking! I was impressed. Check these babies out.

The beautiful plate they’re on? That’s our friendship plate 🙂 We painted it together at As You Wish and promised to pass it back and forth, always full of goodies! I’m still trying to decide what to bake for her next! Next, it was time for dinner. I’ve been dying to go to Seasons 52, so that’s where we headed. I didn’t take any pictures inside the restaurant but it was incredible. Seasons 52 is focused on using fresh, seasonally available ingredients. Their main menu changes with the seasons, and they also have a special menu which changes weekly (52 times a year). The wine list is curated by one of only 142 master sommeliers world-wide. And to top it off, all dishes on the menu are less than 475 calories! Portion sizes are perfect and the use of butter and frying is basically non-existent. Just freshly prepared, perfectly designed and beautifully plated food. We’ll be back again soon.

The night ended as calmly as it started, lounging around with Drew and talking about how blessed we are. I kept saying throughout dinner how much I had enjoyed the day and that it was one of (if not THE) best birthdays I’ve ever had. My mom had a hard time believing that, and started listing off all the wonderful things I’ve ever done on my birthday. And it’s true-I’ve had many. I am truly humbled by the amount of love that surrounds me and holds me together. Thank you for all your kind words, best wishes and your loving acts. I cannot believe how lucky I am to know such wonderful people.



tell me about some of your favorite birthday memories!!