daily eats: sweet potato, kale & chili

by b

Eating a mostly vegan diet has presented two main challenges for me:
1. eating out on a daily basis is difficult.
2. people’s criticism of a vegan diet (“how do you get your protein??”)

Luckily, these two challenges have turned into beautiful blessings:
1. I’ve been forced into the kitchen and embarked on an unexpected love affair.
2. My bank account LOVES that I’m not eating out as often!
3. As a result of #2, I’m able to afford a much wider range of organic products.
4. I am able to share my choices and thoughts surrounding food. I’ve had many healthy conversation around food, diets and lifestyles lately.

As for my work week, I have two ten minute breaks and one thirty minute break during a normal 8.5 hour shift. Not much time to eat (especially if you are going to a restaurant, waiting for food, returning to our store and then shoving your food down your throat in your remaining five minutes). It was never fun, and now that my vegan options are limited (Chipotle five times a week? No thanks.), my meals and snacks are made at home and accompany me in a bright green Sprouts shopping bag.

Here’s one of my favorite, oh-so-easy combinations:

Sweet potato, kale and chili. It’s life changing. Seven minutes. Minimal dirty dishes. Full of flavor. Packed with nutrients.

1. Wash the potato and pierce with fork several times.
3. Wrap it in a damp paper towel and  microwave for about six minutes.
3. Tear some kale leaves off the thick stem and place in bowl.
4. Squeeze half a lemon all over the kale.
5. Massage the kale for about sixty seconds (it always tastes better if you sing to it, too).
6.  Wash your hands then open your can of chili (*see note below).
7. Remove sweet potato and cut it open the long way, then the short way.
8. Place the two halves in separate tupperware containers.
9. Place half a portion of kale on each sweet potato; repeat with chili.
10. Cover with garlic Tabasco.
11. Foodgasms.

*note: I can’t remember what kind of chili I used but I do know I got it at Sprouts and it’s on the bottom shelf and costs $2.49! Haha #bloggerfail. 

I hope you will enjoy this feature of daily eats and easy-to-prepare meals. Most of these, including this recipe, include what I like to call “planned leftovers”. So I prepare once but end up with two meals! And trust me, this one’s so good you’ll want to eat it again the next day!


xx, b