23 before 24: #14

by b

Remember my 23 before 24 list? Well, cross #14 off the list because I am currently blogging from a brand new computer!  It’s about three years overdue and I saved like a crazy person for it and it’s finally here. As my first big purchase as an “adult”, I’m feeling a ton of anxiety! I know it’s due time for a new computer, I saved the money and purchased responsibly and am extremely happy with the new purchase but dropping that much money…it’s tough.

hi from the new webcam!

Now that I am no longer confined to a desk (as my last laptop’s screen broke and has been tethered to a monitor the past three years), expect a more regular blogging schedule! I am excited for the things to come here.


(in case you were wondering, here’s the base model of the computer i got.)


xx, b