jerome birthday getaway

by b

Drew’s birthday was a couple weeks ago and we decided to hit the road and explore Jerome.

We wondered about town for a bit and grabbed a late lunch at 15.quince. One word: incredible. Upon being seated, we were greeted with a huge, double-sided menu of their specialty drinks. I knew that all decisions from there on out would be tough. I settled on something sweet and fruity, while Drew got something smooth and spicy. Both were incredible. And strrrooonnggg. One was enough for me!

We stumbled walked around town for a while, peeking into shops and admiring all the local art.

We climbed to the top of Cleopatra Hill, chatting about where we might spend the night, when we spotted this beautiful home.

(Don’t worry, it wasn’t already nighttime.) We sat by the side of the road, overlooking the Verde Valley and Yelp-ing all the hotels in Jerome. The Surgeon’s House. That lovely home.  Our interest was piqued. The Surgeon’s House. Bed and breakfast. Let’s go knock on the door. Andrea greeted us with warm smiles and open arms. One step through that door and we were sold. The energy is so inviting, calming, inspiring.

Our room. Our private patio. Wine. Views. Lush gardens.  Magic.

Waking up with the sunrise the next morning, I headed out to the patio for some easy yoga. Breathing in my surroundings. A cool breeze. Water dripping down a fountain. Bird’s melodies. Sunrise. Peace and calm in my heart. Love.

Then we headed downstairs for a homemade breakfast. Arguably the best part of the whole experience. We sat with a few other B&B-ers, discussed everything from travel to motorcycles to water conservation to food and love. Begrudgingly and with a bag filled with breakfast’s leftovers, we signed the guest book, gave Andrea big hugs and sincere thank you-s and parted ways.

Some more exploring around Jerome:

(Best bumper sticker=”Doctors should teach nutrition, not pharmaceutical addiction”.)

We headed home with full heart and bellies. Spirits refreshed. Arms open.

What was the last spirit-refreshing experience you had?

xx, b