by b

Oktoberfest was in Tempe last weekend, so Drew and I hopped on the Bonnie for a day full of sunshine, beer, pickles, fresh lemonade and bratwurst. What could be better?

 We sat down in the grass for a while when this cute little kid started attacking us with his giant inflatable skull-covered bat. Drew fought back with a giant inflatable purple alien. Not going to lie, my ovaries hurt a little watching him “roughhouse” with the little mohawked dude. It also made me wish we lived in France, near Drew’s nephews. Or that my brothers had kids, and that we lived near them. Any of the above would make me a happy bear. 
Afterwards, we took a walk around the lake. I always forget how beautiful the architecture is in that area. I especially love the juxtaposition of water and earth, the modern and the desolate desert. Gorgeous. 
Best part of the day? Relaxing with this man. 

How did you celebrate Oktoberfest this year? Have you been to the real Oktoberfest in Munich? It is definitely on my bucket list.

xx, b