my first time + daily eats: enchiladas

by b

Vegan enchiladas? Wait…no cheese? No meat? No sour cream? I think a margarita just lost its wings.

I know. Trust me. Growing up in Arizona, I’ve eaten my fair share of enchiladas and  let me tell you, my mom’s are the. BEST. Chicken green chili enchiladas=my favorite comfort food (you know, before that whole vegan thing). And since I’ve started eating an animal-product-free diet, I’ve strayed far from Mexican food.

But when I saw this recipe, I knew it was time to get back on the caballo horse. Elise was right, you’re going to want to bookmark this one. I followed her recipe pretty closely, just adding about 1/2 cup of red onions and two cloves of garlic. Mmm…garlic…

This recipe was also monumental for another reason…it was my first time using my new FOOD PROCESSOR!!! *happy dance* I’ve been getting by with a blender and a Magic Bullet, which were wonderful, but it was finally time to upgrade and it was amazing.

Almost every recipe I’ve ever read that includes using a food processor warns of “over processing”. I was terrified of doing that. I’m not even sure why over processing is bad, I just know that it is wrong. So, I kept the texture of the filling pretty chunky, as you can see. But it’s fine by me because…well, what’s not to like?…chickpeas, good; mushrooms, good; bell peppers, goooooood!
I had a ton of the filling, and only 10 tortillas. Even though I packed them pretty full, I still had a bunch left over. So while the enchis were baking and making the house smell like heaven, I was dipping some chips into a bowl of that deliciousness.

The best part was that the filling can literally be made in about five minutes and is super versatile. I also loved that it (the filling, not the enchiladas) could be made raw.  Just sprout the chickpeas instead of using canned ones, follow all the other steps and voila! raw taco “meat”.  I cannot tell you how good these are. Six of them were gone within an hour. Please make them soon. And thanks again for another great recipe, Elise! Maybe I will attempt to vegan-ize my momma’s green chili enchis next (right after those cranberry orange scones).

Now please excuse me while I cuddle up in bed with my new Pottery Barn catalog + a hot toddy.

Have a great night!!!