here + there.

by b


The past few weeks have been full of adventure + love.

1. My work schedule has been a little erratic lately, so while Drew is at work, I’m spending good, quality time with Jakey. An adorable mix of black lab and boxer, this pup epitomizes what it is to be a dog. Even down to his dummy dumb head snaggle tooth grin.

2. While out shopping for groceries, I was admiring some lovely blue hydrangeas. *sigh* Drew sneakily picked some up for me and they are currently sitting in the kitchen, where they bring a smile to my face every time I see them. I am the luckiest.

3. Chicken shit bingo. Exactly what it sounds like. You get a number. There’s a chicken in a cage, walking around on a piece of plyboard that has a bunch of numbered squares. Chicken shits. Bingo! You win. Unless you are my unlucky roommate and the chicken goes 45degrees northwest of where your square  is. Welcome to Texas.

4. Picnic with friends before CSB. Perfect weather. Perfect food. Perfect company.

5. Just cutting up some deliciously fresh veggies for my own personal chef and his fancy wok. He has become quite the stir fry master, and I love being his sous chef.  😉

6. Bowling! Valentine’s Day socks + a black light. If you stay til they close, they might not charge you!

7. I know Valentine’s Day is overly commercialized, and you can (and should!!) express your love every day. But still, there is something special about spending time with someone special on that day. To me, at least. I handmade this little heart as part of the packaging for his handmade present! Crafty, I know. (Look familiar? Inspiration from Pinterest!)

8. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by just being with each other. Strolling around downtown by the river, on a just-chilly enough evening, trying a new restaurant and popping our heads into different bars. This photo was taken at Koriente, an incredible Asian fusion restaurant we discovered. I loved the peonies, paper cranes, and Saint Arnold’s beer. The more time I spend in this city, the more I fall in love.

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