here + there.

by b


1. spotted: a heart shaped cloud.

2. fingers crossed over this fortune cookie.

3. memorial day trip down to the coast. got the car stuck in the sand.
camped on the beach. woke up with the sun. it was glorious.

4. celebrated a special someone’s third birthday.

5. spending lots of time outside. austin is so beautiful.

6. sunday morning pancake breakfasts are becoming a thing.
even if it happens around 2pm.

7. did you see the supermoon? it was cloudy here, but i was still swooning.

8. found this great window sticker. pretty much my life mantra.

9. heirloom tomatoes. they look like little stars or flowers when you slice them open.

10.  found an amazing little dive bar in my neighborhood
and it has the most fantastic outdoor space.
also, cheap beer!