cleanse: day three.

by b

a banana and a cup of green tea were consumed on the way to work this morning. i woke up very late and was super rushed. i haven’t slept well recently, which is part of the reason i decided this cleanse was a good idea. but the last two nights, i’ve woken up in the middle of the night with horrendous charlie horse cramps in my calves. during high school, i got them all. the. time. but haven’t had any (especially to that extreme! it was awful) in years. i know i’m drinking plenty of water, i’m keeping my exercise to a minimum this week and i feel like i’m getting enough potassium + calcium. but clearly my body is telling me something’s not right. time to reevaluate! any thoughts/advice/nuggets of wisdom?

being rushed to work was only preparing me for the day to come. ever have days like that? 🙂 my tummy was begging for food hours before i had a chance to eat, which ended up being about 15 minutes. i wolfed down another stuffed portobello on a bed of spinach and a bowl of grapes + strawberries. my boss walked by and saw my little mushroom and said “aw that looks good. it’s so cute!” (this is coming from a man who wore overalls to go play pool two days ago). cute food FTW!

i also snacked on another pickle, and ate a giant honeycrisp apple in the car on the way home. traffic on a friday at 5pm is god-awful. sometimes i get so bored i bang my head against the steering wheel. seriously. other times, i take pictures, call friends (or my mom!), sing + dance super obnoxiously. that last one is my favorite because when you are in a dead stop in bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour and you are just rocking out to whatever terrible music is on the radio, not taking yourself seriously and genuinely entertaining yourself, the people in the cars next to you/behind you/in front of you, they can’t help but smile. right? it’s either that or everyone on the 360 thinks i’m INSANE. also, my commute is a great time to take pictures. like this one:

would you believe me if i told my driving record is almost spotless? 

dinner was…you guessed it…stuffed portobello with a side of spinach. but this one i covered in garlic tabasco! variety is the spice of life, friends. i cannot stress how good this condiment is. if you like spicy food and garlic (um. who doesn’t?), please add this to your pantry immediately. since you are probably tired of hearing about this mushroom trip i’m on (not psychedelically), you shall be happy to hear that dinner completed the leftover mushroom extravaganza! tomorrow will be another tasty dish, and hopefully i’ll get that recipe out to you all. i also made myself a smoothie (frozen berries, 1 cup spinach, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 c. water, 1/2 c. dark cherry juice; blend. serve). it was tasty, but needed a little something extra, so i squeezed a little fresh lime juice on it and sucked it down in approximately 2.6 seconds.

we’ve had a delicious golden kiss melon sitting in our fruit bowl for days. it was time to cut it up! it looks like a cantaloupe but with dark green stripes down the side. it also tasted similar to a cantaloupe, but it was a little sweeter, and more ripe. it also seemed more dense, like the texture of a papaya or even a mango! i liked it a lot, and cantaloupe is pretty much the last fruit i will eat. anyway, if you get a chance to try it, and if you like melons at all, do it! (fellow austinites, find it at central market.)

now, we are off to see snow white and the huntsman. drew was excited about it from the minute he saw the first preview! i’m kind of bummed to be going to the drafthouse and not have beer, but i love having the great energy that comes from this kind of cleanse. balance is the goal!

so tell me, any tips for treating muscle spasms? what’s your daily commute like? have you had any good mushroom trips lately? 😉