cleanse: day four.

by b

yesterday was a strange day.

i did not want to be at work and was dreading the day to come. it turned out to be a super smooth day, and i was so thankful.

i ate a big salad of cucumber, tomato, lemon + dill. i made it last night and let it sit in the fridge to marinate. it was fantastic, and so filling.  i got home and snacked on a banana (trying to increase that potassium!) and then made plans to meet up with a friend for coffee/tea. where i consumed 64 ounces of  iced black tea.

yes, really.

bouncing off the walls doesn’t even begin to describe what i was doing once i got home. it was especially annoying because drew was exhausted, i found him sleeping on the couch 🙂 it took so much persuasion to not shake him awake and tell him all about the exciting/weird/caffeine-induced-high/need-something-more-stimulating day i was having!(!!!!!)

when he woke up, we  sat out on the patio and shared some more of the dill salad. i also brought out a container of that golden kiss melon + strawberries. we picked back and forth as we discussed plans for the evening. the moon was going to be bright and almost full, with not a cloud in the sky. perfect for a nighttime ride.

instead, we cleaned the bathroom. it needed it badly. we bleached the shit out of that tub and its stupid tiled walls where mold likes to multiply in the grout lines.

later, i made some more strawberry + banana soft serve, added in a tbsp of chia seeds this time. i didn’t have very much water yesterday, so i thought a little chia action would do me well for hydration.

not a lot of food was eaten yesterday, but it was enough 🙂 then, we passed out from what was sure to be an over-inhalation of bleach products. yayyyy brain damage. at least it is CLEAN now and we can maintain it with much less harmful chemical-free products.

before we decided to “just lay down for a minute” , drew set a timer on his phone to go off in twenty minutes so that we wouldn’t miss the moonlight ride we were so excited about.

i woke up around 2am, looked at the clock, shrugged and went promptly back to sleep.

crazy saturday night.