here + there.

by b

1.  it’s grilling season! lots of veggies have been put on the grill lately. and it is tastytown! in my mouth.

2. official invite to my brother’s wedding at the outer banks. we are inside the 100 day mark, folks.

3. sunday morning pancakes. it’s a thing. get on board.

4. freshly cut watermelon. what else do you need?

5. homemade berry and mint infused saki.

6, homemade pickles. with sriracha and fresh dill. i’ll let you know how they turn out 🙂

7. visisted the whole foods flagship store in downtown austin. it was incredible.
i walked around the store, slack jawed and wide eyed like an idiot.  seriously, it was almost unfathomable how much food there was.

8. had to snag this vegan cookie while at whole foods.
when we got home, i warmed it up and served it alongside some coconut ice cream. foodgasms.

9. my favorite plate ❤

10. spent some time relaxing by the pool with some friends before the temps spiked up to 100+. hello, summer.