by b

my usual two days of consist of sunday/tuesday, sunday is a rest + spend time with drew day, while tuesday is a get things done day. however, this week, my days off provided me with a fantastic combination of sunday/monday off. which blissfully coincides with drew’s days off. it could have been a long, indulgent, succulent weekend spent with my love, but there was a long list of things to get done. when i started making a mental list, it was a bit overwhelming. so i took pen to paper and the list grew and grew. one thing that i’ve been putting off for too long led to another. finally, after a quick trip to a hardware store (drew is working on a pretty awesome project and i needed some command strips), i dove in head first to my list.

ever make a to-do list, and as you are crossing things off, you add more? this happened to me several times. and as much as i love crossing things off lists, it just motivated me. i even completed some tasks, only to put them on the list and then immediately cross them off. so, there’s my quirk for the day. my apologies for the terrible iphone-tography.

in the midst of all this productivity, i find it important to make some time to relax. hence, my last post about sunday indulgences and that very important task at the top of my list, “drink wine”. balance, dear friends, balance.